Mr.Robot Season 2 Intro Recap

Despite the low viership of the intro of season 2, the show continues to highlight the issue of wealth inequality and mental health. 

This article will contain spoilers.

Here are a couple of key points from the two part episode.

1. Elliot, the protagonist, seems to be stuck in a regime where he needs to write in a journal and attend group meetings.

2. Elliot is continuing to seek counselling.

3. fsociety has threatened E-corp and held a ransom.

4. White Rose is nowhere to be seen since the finale of season 1. 

5. Elliot has distanced himself from the rest of the group and there seem to be a couple members of Fsociety missing. 

6. Angela, Elliot’s coworker and friend seems to be working at E-corp but has taken a completely different character path as she is acting very differently from season 1. She also drops the lawsuit against E-corp.

7. Tyrell is nowhere to be seen but makes a brief appearance in the first 5 minutes of the show. He will appear at the end of part two.

8. The FBI relentlessly pursue Gideon who was framed for the hacking. There is an altercation that ends up leaving him dead.

Let me know what you thought of the beginning of season 2. 

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