My Featured Pieces at Art Show

Several art pieces by Shane Yu featured in school art show.

I have been waiting for this very moment to show you my art pieces that have been featured in my school’s annual winter art show. Thankfully, they gave me enough space to put up most of my artwork up on the trifold. Since most of my work contains political and social messages, I wanted as much exposure as possible. 

Unfortunately, the semester is ending soon and my next semester will be busy due to all the core courses that I have to take. It’s becoming clear that this will be my last chance to show off my work at school but I will continue to find the time to make art at home. 

I’ll be posting individual pieces soon when I get the chance. For now, I’ll be enjoying the last few weeks of art class while it lasts.

5 thoughts on “My Featured Pieces at Art Show

      1. I have not decided what career path I will take and I only have until the end of December to have a general sense of what I want to go into. I think I’ll address this issue in another post.

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