I’m Not Sexist! – Political Cartoon

When Donald Trump pleaded for money, Hillary was the first person to respond by bragging about her corporate donors. I’m pretty sure that’s not something to brag about.  After seeing Donald Trump attack Hillary Clinton on her flaws on the issue of campaign finance, I realized how soft Sander’s attacks were during his campaign. That… Read More I’m Not Sexist! – Political Cartoon

Hamilton – Art

The integration of politics, rap, and history is unforgettable in the hit broadway musical Hamilton. Lin Manuel Miranda makes American history fun to learn with rap, R&B, and pop. So as a hip hop enthusiast, I thought the lyrics were clever and well written because it told a story that was worth listening to. In… Read More Hamilton – Art

Heading To Philly

A political revolution is not about a person, it’s about an idea. Sanders is not quiting yet and I wouldn’t want him to quit. He’s the only candidate that will champion for my ideas. If Clinton adopted Sander’s plan to get money out of politics, I would join her but she hasn’t. So don’t tell… Read More Heading To Philly