You Haven’t Been on a Plane?!

One student shared a fact about herself that surprised a couple of other students. What interesting fact did that student share? That fact was that she had never been on a plane.

The reaction of other students mostly consisted of shocked and surprised looks. They instantly asked for confirmation and if the fact was actually true and the student replied by saying “yes” with an embarrassed look.

The response of other students weren’t necessarily condescending but it did highlight the lack of consideration for the student who had never flown on a plane.

Honestly, I thought that scenarios like this only happened in middle school but I guess some students in university still think like this. It’s actually absurd.

Let me respond to those students.

Not every student comes from a privileged family like yours. Do you know how much an airline ticket costs? Do you know others’ financial situations? Please be more considerate of others’ financial situation before you blurt out something absurd.

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