School Award Ceremony 2015-16

Receiving my community Award

I just wanted to make a quick post thanking my teachers and classmates. So from each grade and community, a student that has demonstrated citizenship and leadership is chosen for an award. I had the opportunity to tutor multiple individuals at school and within my community and I have been able to express myself and advocate for important causes through my artwork.

I am very lucky to be receiving this award again because this has been my second time receiving the award and I want to thank my teacher, especially my counsellor for representing me. Within my community, I had the opportunity to help others with their schoolwork whether it would be for math or social-studies. I have learned the importance of education and empowerment through volunteerism.

I have one more year to go so I hope to make the best out of it. For my readers on my blog, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share and express my thoughts.

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