Give Her A Minute to Write Her APA Citations 

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I’m calling it a publicity stunt and I’m also giving her the benefit of the doubt. Melania Trump might have dropped out of college but that doesn’t mean she never had the chance to learn about plagiarism in high school. Unless she dropped out of high school in Ljubljana which I highly doubt. 

Another reason why I think it’s a publicity stunt is because she boldly admitted that she wrote the speech with a little bit of help. In addition, Trump’s campaign team didn’t fire anyone. 

To add to the previous point, it was Melania Trump who gave the speech, not Donald Trump. She can be the one to take the hit for this story and it won’t hurt her at all. It’s not like her boss will tell her to step down or she will lose credibility in her profession. After all, she’s just a designer for some watch company and a former model. 

One last point is about the media. Other than the anti-Trump delegates showing their frustration at the beginning of the convention, there weren’t any other news worthy stories to cover. Even Canadian news outlets focused only on Melania. There was no coverage on policy, ideas, or plans. 

What’s your opinion on this fun little story? Are you tired of the news outlets for covering this story ad nauseum? 

Update: Underpayment is another factor that should be taken into account. Which might tell us that this in fact, was a mistake. A mistake that could have been avoided if there was appropriate funding. 

4 thoughts on “Give Her A Minute to Write Her APA Citations 

  1. It’s not a publicity stunt. We tend to think that people in the media spotlight are smart and infallible but they are simply overconfident. It must have been lifted on purpose and the staffer who did it must have been underpaid, underqualified or under pressure. Either way, employing speech writers has inherent risks. She should have written a speech herself and asked someone, a professional journalist or someone with a public profile to review it for her. I can almost imagine someone googling “First Lady speech” and ripping off the original transcript.

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    1. Perfect point on underpayment. I completely forgot about the fact that Trump’s campaign spending is less than a third of Clinton’s campaign. The contrast is even bigger with the number of paid staff. It’s too bad that Trump doesn’t have funding from the establishment.

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      1. I meant, I don’t find it unfortunate that Trump isn’t well funded. Sorry. He has said that he wants to self fund his campaign because of his high net worth, so let him. I’m staying out of the Clinton mess because at the end of the day, if she’s not charged with a crime she can shrug her shoulders and move on.

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