White People – MTV Documentary Short Review

The title is straightforward but it’s also vague at the same time. You’d expect a documentary on minorities due to all the injustice happening in America but it’s focused on what people classify as the “perpetrators”. If I were to add to the title, I would add, “In America”. It’s an interesting documentary and that’s… Read More White People – MTV Documentary Short Review

Taxi Driver – Chronic insomnia (Art)

The director’s intent to portray Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) as an “avenging angel” crusading around New York was also intended to represent other cities.¬†Inspired by the degradation of the night-time in the city, Travis took matters into his own hands. Some failed attempts to help some individuals, influenced him psychologically. Furthermore, he was determined… Read More Taxi Driver – Chronic insomnia (Art)