4 thoughts on “I become progressive in #mycalvins

  1. Good balance with guy/girl but why did you use “command” for Trump and “give speeches” for Clinton, when she has the greater political clout? She was Secretary of State. D Trump is a Vanity Fair pinup model who earns his money selling franchising deals using his name and visibility. I respect that aspect of him as a business person but it seems no one has read the atmosphere.

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    1. Recent polls have Clinton and Trump tied and in some cases, Trump is leading by one or two points. That is disastrous. It’s almost like the hierarchy has flipped upside down. When we look at Hillary and Bernie, she hasn’t really gained any points. On the other hand, Bernie, who has had no name recognition from the start has gained almost 60 points within an year. So I wanted to show that Hillary isn’t much other than name recognition. If there were no loopholes and private speeches, the story would be different for Clinton. You are right, Clinton has a greater political clout but the way that Trump controls his supporters is phenomenal.

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      1. Great points and thanks for explaining. I completely understand what you mean to portray. Your presentations, in that regard, are an accurate depiction of events. This election is made for reality TV but I can’t watch. This election tells me what people take seriously. I appreciate your work, as always. Hang in there.

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