Pawel Kuczynski Inspired Artwork 

I was inspired by the political messages shown in Panel Kuczynski’s satirical pieces so I decided to create my own satirical drawing following his artistic style.  The first thing that came to my mind was Wolf of Wall Street and it gave me a chance to tie in a political message. So I chose to… Read More Pawel Kuczynski Inspired Artwork 

Chris Meaden – One of Canada’s “Outstanding” Principals

One of Canada’s top outstanding Principals has perpetuated the failed notion of ‘teddy bear teaching’ and has left administrators searching for new solutions at a Canadian high school.  Despite all the facts and evidence proving that structure is key to maintaining success at grade schools, Chris Meaden has pushed for a change in the education… Read More Chris Meaden – One of Canada’s “Outstanding” Principals

Her Fendi Bag

Crafted and exported from Italy; Contrived by laborers with their pure hands. The bag wasn’t just a plain old Fendi, As there are plenty of fakes from Thailand. One day she had a little too many After speeches where payment was ten bands. That made the rich a little too happy Until the files leaked… Read More Her Fendi Bag