YYC Art Installation by Canadian Artist Bill Pechet


Last time it was the big blue hoop which cost tax payers $750k. But I have to admit that this outdoor art installation by Canadian artist Bill Pechet is worth checking out.


At daytime, the installation looks like a bunch of metal rods sticking out of the ground. But that’s only during the daytime where tax payers look at it and wonder where their tax money went.


At first, the installation looked ridiculous and ugly. Then I got it wrong because it wasn’t meant to be observed so closely.


It’s actually meant to be observed on the other side of the highway. This art installation only works if you’re looking at it from the right angle and when it’s dark outside. So the small yellow buds that you see on the rods emit light and when the viewer is aligned, it forms a bright circle.

At the end of the day, fellow Calgarians are outraged and criticizing the city’s choice to spend around $750k on this installation. I agree that it’s too much and that the money could have been used somewhere else such as in education or city services.

So what is your opinion on this installation and does it look good? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “YYC Art Installation by Canadian Artist Bill Pechet

  1. We have a similar discussion here in the Vancouver area often. Instead of making all of our transit stations the same (cheaper) they are all different (expensive) and each one has commissioned art. I love them, though, because on rainy grey commutes it feels good to know there can be art for art’s sake in the world. Also, I think it’s important that governments support artists. They are essential to our culture and identity, and really, to our soul! I guess the conflict will always be around the questions “what is art?” and “what has value?”, but I would rather see my tax dollars spent to make our world beautiful and support creative contributions than to fatten bank accounts of politicians and corporations…

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