I’ll Be Your Advocate For the Environment


40,047,600 cars have been produced this year and the number is rising. At the end of 2015, almost 60 million cars will be manufactured. This is having a devastating toll on the environment which is why I will be your advocate for the environment.

1. I will crack down on unmonitored pipelines and make regulations so that leak detection machines are properly functioning.

2. I will inspire and help Canadians plant 1.5 million trees in 5 years.

3. I will reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent within 20 years.

4. I will increase biofuel production.

5. I will help decrease the deforestation rate in Northern Canada.

6. I will continue to ride my bike to school and work.

7. I will help improve bike and public transport options.

7 politicians that have helped the environment: Wangari Maathai, Ken Livingstone, Helen Clark, Marina Silva, David Cameron, Greg Nickels, and Margot Wallström.

The list featuring the goals have been actions that these 7 politicians have taken in their careers.

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