Why Teens Aren’t Cycling

Cycling is an amazing sport with lots of benefits. Teens are taking up school sports such as football, rugby, and badminton but what about cycling?

Biking has only been considered as a form of transportation to students. There are occasional mountain bikers but I’ve never seen anyone with a road bike.

Here’s my list on why students don’t cycle.

Cycling is an expensive sport. Especially if you want to get a good looking and functioning bike. No kid would ever want to show their friends a Motorolla flip phone. With that being said, aesthetics matter.

Cycling club and teams

Schools offer very little support for cyclists. Some states offer driving courses but what about cycling safety? Cycling might become the ideal transportation in the future so why don’t we teach the fundamentals?

As cool as cycling already is, teens haven’t utilized the perks that cycling offers.

This was a fairly short list but how can we motivate and help students get on the road(cycling)?

8 thoughts on “Why Teens Aren’t Cycling

  1. We don’t have biking lanes in Hong Kong (Well, except in New Territories and Lantau Islands) so biking is not very convenient here.

    In my case, I cycle at least once a week since we have an area for cycling in our place.

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  2. Really good question you pose! My nine year old has recently taken a bikeability course here in the UK. It involved taking them out onto the roads for a week and really helped build their confidence! Would be great to see more schools following suit!

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  3. Cycling is very homegrown and local, I used to bike a lot in Columbus, OH, quickly found out the cost was not so much the initial investment but the replacement of 2 stolen … amazing how quickly the thief would adapt and pull off the heist. You could have had it chained to 55 Buick and they could lift nothing flat. … lol 55 Buick, I don’t even know what one looks like … but I bet they were Big … Peace … VGO

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