PARCC Testing is the Solution

Tommy is a student in Central New Jersey. His classroom consists of 40 students who are all in third grade. Before the weekend, Tommy had been working on a bean plant experiment and observed how the plant reacted to the sunlight. He is enthusiastic and excited to return to school.

-Monday morning

Tommy: How was your weekend Ms. Melody?

Teacher: My weekend was terrific Tommy. Thanks for asking, that was very nice of you.

Tommy: Are we going to continue our experiments?

Teacher: No, but it’s because I have a better idea. We’re going to see if you’re ready for college!

Tommy: Is it a field trip to the historical university building? No…wait. Is it a take your kid to work day?

Teacher: Of course not Tommy, that would be too much work. We’re going to send you down to the library. In there, you will write a test on a computer and don’t worry, it won’t take up your lunch period. You’ll only write for 3 hours until lunch and then we’ll call you back in to write the test for another 4 hours until school is done.

You liked math as well, right Tommy? Tomorrow is your lucky day because they will have math problems on a computer for you. I know you love technology, kids these days are tech savvy.

From now on, Tommy loved school just like every other kid in America. He skipped breakfast because he loved school so much. in fact, he couldn’t risk losing a second of class time. Also, Tommy’s school continued to receive state and federal funding which meant that Ms. Melody was far from being laid off.

If only you were like Tommy…

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