One Year Anniversary of Blogging

Thank you for following my blog. It has been one year since I started sharing my political/satirical drawings and insight.

This blog wouldn’t be the same without my readers so thank you for staying by my side throughout this smooth journey. Interestingly, blogging has been my first platform for sharing things so I’ve learnt a lot of useful skills. Maybe I should’ve expanded my reach to other social networking sites but I always felt too timid. However, I’m not afraid to express my general thoughts and opinion through this blog so I’m thankful.

One of the most important thing that I learnt was that blogging took dedication. During the first month or so, I had lots of ideas flowing through my mind so it wasn’t difficult generating content. Then after those initial periods, I started to fall behind on my blogging goals so I knew I had to step my game up.

I know it has only been a year but it feels like a century. I also know I have a long way to go so it looks like I better start generating some ideas to put on paper. That only means one thing. More satirical/political drawings are coming your way.

Hope you have a great start to your week.

9 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary of Blogging

  1. Congratulations! I started my first public blog 3 years ago (about pregnancy and family life). I stopped writing it a half a year ago when I started this drawing blog. It is good to review your goals time to time. Think what you want to archive and is the blog giving you enough satisfaction to go on.

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