Jesus helping vaccinate children

Ben Carson is a doctor but he’s retired. I don’t know where he got the notion of anti-vaccination but he’s not afraid to push his agenda even if it goes against the scientific community.

I just wanted to say that vaccinations are important. Even if they might not prevent a flu or work every year, it’s worth giving it a shot. That’s just my opinion. I will also respect your views toward vaccination if your reasons differ from mine.

Even if you believe that you’re healthy without vaccinations, you can still transmit viruses so it’s probably better to get vaccinated.

However, some of you might think that some types of vaccinations are detrimental or harmful because of the success rate. Throughout history, some vaccines haven’t been helpful.

6 thoughts on “Vaccinations

  1. You mean Ben Carson is a doctor but he is tired. When I was very young I attended one of his lectures in Mandeville. It was in a packed church on a Saturday morning. I didn’t like him then and I certainly don’t like him now. You know he was in the movie once write that one with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear been twins. I’m going to stop ranting now.

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  2. I wouldn’t group all vacinations in the same category. I believe in the polio, tetanus, Pertusus etc shots but not in the flu. The flu shot gives you a passive immunity which needs to be renewed every year. I have known people who have become very ill from the flu shot. (GBS) I would rather take my chances with the flu that have that.

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      1. There was a time when some of these diseases were really life threatening – Polio, Tetnus etc. Those vacinations were a major break through. The Flu vac. is just a money maker.You have to get it every year. It only provides passive immunity. It is never a sure thing and some of its side effects can be devastating.I’ll take my chances that I’ll won’t get the flu.

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  3. “Even if you believe that you’re healthy without vaccinations, you can still transmit viruses so it’s better to get vaccinated…..”

    Sorry but I had to chuckle over this one. The level of ignorance over the topic of vaccines is obscene. While I won’t go into a long rant, I’ll simply point out 2 facts.

    1 – Some vaccines go through a “shedding” period where the recently vaccinated can pass on the virus to others:

    (Section 5.8)

    Click to access proquad_pi.pdf

    2 – Vaccines can and do cause permanent damage to a portion of the population. Its the reason that they have “vaccine court” where over 3 billion has been awarded to families for vaccine damage.:

    Click to access statisticsreport.pdf

    Gee, I wonder why nobody talks about this in the MSM.

    Bottom line: Where there is risk there must be choice. OTC meds are pulled from store shelves and investigated immediately after only a handful of damage reports go out. However, the damage from vaccines are swept under the rug. One size fits all approach to vaccines is illogical.

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    1. Good to get different perspectives. I was wondering if companies are protected against vaccine damage because there I think there are some acts which prevent class action lawsuits.


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