Timbuk2 Custom Mini Prospect Backpack Review

There are barely any reviews out there of the Custom Mini Prospect so I thought of sharing my thoughts on it because I’ve used it for a couple months. Reasoning for purchase I’ve used a Babolat Wimbledon Backpack for my cycling commute and I found that it had a large surface area covering my back.… Read More Timbuk2 Custom Mini Prospect Backpack Review

eps.1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v Mr. Robot Quick Review

When a narcissist is uncovered and weaknesses are discovered, one will do anything to avoid persecution. In episode 7, we saw a revelation of Elliot’s past and his family. Without getting into any spoilers, this episode was a major game changer. In this episode, we better understand previous scenes of conflict, intervention, and meetings. Sam… Read More eps.1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v Mr. Robot Quick Review

Death in Heaven – Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

After waiting a week from last episode’s cliff-hanger, it has officially come. The last episode of season 8 has arrived with anticipation. This was the final part of last week’s episode, “Dark Waters.” All I can say about this episode is that there has been substantial sacrifices and the ending was bitter-sweet. The beginning of the… Read More Death in Heaven – Doctor Who Season 8 Finale