Pawel Kuczynski Inspired Artwork 

I was inspired by the political messages shown in Panel Kuczynski’s satirical pieces so I decided to create my own satirical drawing following his artistic style.  The first thing that came to my mind was Wolf of Wall Street and it gave me a chance to tie in a political message. So I chose to… Read More Pawel Kuczynski Inspired Artwork 

Lazy Passwords

We love simplicity and our passwords show it. With that being said, complexity is our antagonist. Here’s the list for 2014’s most common passwords. 1. 123456  2. password  3. 12345 4. 12345678  5. qwerty  6. 123456789  7. 1234  8. baseball 9. dragon  10. football  11. 1234567  12. monkey  13. letmein  14. abc123  15. 111111 16.mustang … Read More Lazy Passwords