Heading To Philly

A political revolution is not about a person, it’s about an idea. Sanders is not quiting yet and I wouldn’t want him to quit. He’s the only candidate that will champion for my ideas. If Clinton adopted Sander’s plan to get money out of politics, I would join her but she hasn’t. So don’t tell… Read More Heading To Philly

The Top 1% – Part 1

The average American was forced to pay for the repercussions of 2008’s crash. – This is my pastel drawing for a triptych art piece for our school’s Spring Gala. I used fashion as a hook for my political message on income/wealth inequality.

Her Fendi Bag

Crafted and exported from Italy; Contrived by laborers with their pure hands. The bag wasn’t just a plain old Fendi, As there are plenty of fakes from Thailand. One day she had a little too many After speeches where payment was ten bands. That made the rich a little too happy Until the files leaked… Read More Her Fendi Bag

Canadians Support Trump

I came across this piece in art class and I was a little shocked. It literally looks like some Canadian teens support Trump. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen some Canadians stand by the Republican frontrunner.  They aren’t necessarily marginalized in any way but they feel the need to support Trump. Some reasons… Read More Canadians Support Trump