The Power Of Satire

Satirical cartoon using Madeline as a focus point. Cartoon illustrated by Shane Yu

Satire is a beneficial and powerful tool in society. Well known philosophers such as Voltaire utilized satire in his books and many political cartoonist used one or more types of satire. 

Satire has played a big role in my life as I use it in my drawings to help convey my thoughts and ideas. Without it, I would be drawing pieces of artwork that serve no value other than displaying the various types of artist techniques. 

Most of the time, I will use satire as a tool and sometimes a powerful weapon to talk about inequality and crony capitalism that is rampant throughout our modernized world. However, satire can sometimes be taken too far when the  powerless or victims are targeted. 

I want to ask others how satire has impacted their view of the world and if it has changed anything. For better or for worse. 

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