5 Assumptions Made by Americans Wanting to Move to Canada

A shot of the Canadian Flag.

Since the announcement of Trump’s campaign, Americans have been looking for a quick and easy way to move up north. Whether or not Canadians accept Americans, Americans are making assumptions of how their dream country will look like.

So here are 5 Assumptions Made by some Americans wanting to move to Canada. 

1. Canada will not be impacted by a Trump or Clinton presidency. It’s funny how people think Canada is an isolated country and I honestly believe that some  think that Canada is an island up above the United States. As long as people realize that Canada contributed in both world wars, they’ll get a sense of how closely Canada is tied to the USA both financially and geographically. In terms of economy, Canada is included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership so Canada depends on other countries for trading. Recently, I have read that the Canadian government is preparing for the next POTUS because of their strong ties to tariffs and trading. 

2. Canada will be much safer than the United States. This is somewhat true but if we level the playing field and take guns out of the equation, the contrast between these two countries would be minimal. Both countries have declining crime rates but petty crimes and homicides are still a troubling issue. 

3. Canada is more liberal when it comes to marijuana. Cities such as Vancouver are becoming more open minded and tolerant of marijuana users but foreigners need to understand that it is still an illegal substance unless it’s for medical use. However, political parties such as the NDP are looking for solutions to this issue and hope that marijuana will be decriminalized by 2017.

4. Canada’s housing market is stable. It’s sad to say that Canada’s housing market isn’t really doing any better than the housing market in California. Whether you blame foreign investors or not, Vancouver’s housing market is going to blow very soon. 

5. Canada freely accepts refugees. So far, the Canadian government has taken in 29,970 Syrian refugees. This number also includes privately sponsored refugees. On the other hand, the US government have made some promises to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of September but they’re not even close to that number. Fortunately, President Obama promised that he would bring 10,000 refugees. Which is a good thing but still not good enough compared to some countries in Europe and to Canada. In other words, Canada doesn’t even want to hear how you deserve refugee status if you’re from the United States. 
What do you think about Canadians accepting Americans? Feel free to leave your opinion on this issue.

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