Let’s Not Forget The Families Displaced by The Rio Olympics

A girl is looking at the fireworks from a distance from her home.

Athletes and fans can safely return home after the games but not for the 90,000 citizens who were displaced. 

An argument can be made if Olympic venues benefit a country’s economy/ reputation and there are also counter arguments proving that Olympic venues are a waste of money. To be honest, Olympic venues should be held in certain countries that have met certain health and safety guidelines. That way, workers are treated with dignity and there are no evictions. Another thing that the Olympic committee should take into account is how many years they change venues. Instead of finding a new place to host the Olympics, they should recycle old venues. 

Unfortunately, the rich and wealthy invest a lot of money and they would want to take advantage of every space that has the potential to house tourists or entertain people. That is one of the reason that they continued with the Rio Olympics despite the unwanted evictions and violence in the favelas. 
Just imagine your country being chosen to host the summer or winter Olympic games only to find out that your house is about to be demolished to erect a velodrome. That is terrible and I don’t want anyone to experience that. 

Im not trying to be a Debbie Downer on the Olympics but let’s face the facts. Over 20,000 families have been displaced since the announcement of the Olympics at Rio. Personally, I couldn’t forget about the families that were displaced as I watched the Olympics. Whenever we’re watching a game of basketball or cheering on team Canada in the sprint relays, who knows if we’re staring at the remains or the lands of the families that lived before the Olympic construction.  

What are your thoughts on this issue? Please leave a comment and thanks for reading. 

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