The Shallows – Hillary Clinton

A political cartoon of Hillary’s emails and the double standards. Influenced by pop culture. Please Share!

Hillary is the progressive candidate that will do anything to support the middle class. At the end of the day, we’ll forgive her, right? Well, the FBI certainly did.

The FBI makes it clear that Hillary Clinton was extremely careless and made a mistake but they took no further action to lay any charges. In fact, they didn’t even recommend it and basically told the press that it was over.

 If someone else put private information at risk, they would not get a second chance and that might be true because of the double standards set by the authorities. I’m not here to speculate and create theories but to say that money and status had no impact is ludicrous. 

I am very frustrated at this issue but let’s be clear that I do not wish ill upon her. Just because I am against the values of Clinton, doesn’t mean I want her to lose the presidency. Instead, I am frustrated at the double standards and wish that authorities, not just the FBI but ordinary citizens judge a person based on their values instead of income or status. 

Also, The Shallows was a pretty solid movie and Lively’s performance was good. I would recommend watching this in theatres because of the scenery of the beach. In essence, it’s a basic thriller and a forgettable summer flick. I would give it a 7/10. 

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