I’m Not Sexist! – Political Cartoon

A political cartoon of the Clinton campaign and their smear campaign against Sanders.

When Donald Trump pleaded for money, Hillary was the first person to respond by bragging about her corporate donors. I’m pretty sure that’s not something to brag about. 

After seeing Donald Trump attack Hillary Clinton on her flaws on the issue of campaign finance, I realized how soft Sander’s attacks were during his campaign. That was because Trump was doing actual damage and I could sense that he even got some of Sander’s supporter attention and recognition. In fact, almost half of Bernie supporters would rather vote for no one and because of that, Trump has leverage.

Also, an unidentified hacker has revealed that the DNC was rooting for Clinton before the election had even begun which highlights the corruption within the DNC. This isn’t really news but it solidifies our understanding of how Clinton rose to power and why their smear attacks toward Sander’s campaign have been successful.

To be clear, I’m not a Trump supporter and I will not vote for him. I have also realized and have accepted the fact that Sanders will most likely not be the Democratic nominee. That does not mean that I will bow down to the establishment and abandon my ideologies of progressivism. From now on, I’ll be more than happy to join Clinton if she adopts the Sanders platform but I doubt she’ll actually do that because she has shown her dismissive and smug attitude toward his supporters.

At the end of the day, does she care? Probably not because her heart has been corrupted by greed.

Please, if you are a Clinton supporter, let me know why I should support Hillary because I really don’t know why I should.

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