Timbuk2 Custom Mini Prospect Backpack Review


There are barely any reviews out there of the Custom Mini Prospect so I thought of sharing my thoughts on it because I’ve used it for a couple months.

Reasoning for purchase
I’ve used a Babolat Wimbledon Backpack for my cycling commute and I found that it had a large surface area covering my back. Therefore, making me sweat easily because of the reduced airflow. I also carried a small chromebook and a couple of duotangs so a tennis backpack was just a little too big for me.

That was when I came across Timbuk2 and their backpacks. I have heard that they were a reputable brand. Since I live in Canada, I thought of getting one since I haven’t seen a lot of people using any Timbuk2 branded bags. What appealed to me the most was the ‘custom’ aspect.

What are the best scenarios to use the bag?
Since the bag is water resistant, it can be used when it’s snowing or raining. It’s a great choice if you live in Canada. Also, since the opening is a roll top, it’s hard for water to penetrate and enter the bag. If you want a bag with lots of compartments, this bag isn’t for you but if you’re only carrying a small MacBook and a couple of books, this bag might be perfect.

On the other hand, it could be used for cycling if you don’t want to store anything in your back pockets. There is also a choice for a water holder on the side of the bag. The only issue with this is when the bag is full, it’s hard to insert your water bottle into the side pocket so I found that it was just better to put my water bottle on the inside and put some snacks in the external side pockets.

Best Scenarios:

  • 2-3 textbooks, laptop, waterbottle
  • snacks and a bike lock for a medium distance ride
  • to make a fashion statement

Worst Scenarios:

  • have a lot of things to carry(upgrade to the normal sized Prospect backpack)
  • want more compartments
  • annoyed at the buckle straps


Versatility rating: 3/5

Is it worth the price?
It’s definitely cheaper than a Chrome backpack but it also has less features in terms of storage and the number of compartments. I paid around $115 CAD but if you’re living in the states, expect it to be cheaper. Personally, I thought it was worth the price but I would not have bought it if it was more than $150.


  • good return on your investment
  • Great durability

Don’t buy:

  • If your budget is bigger than Trump’s ego



Rating: 4/5

Storage Space:
13 inch chromebook
2 textbooks
1 graphing calculator
1 small pencil case
And a small collapsible lunch box.


I wish the sides could have been stretched out even further to accommodate more space. So don’t expect to go on a long hiking trip with this bag. If you want dimensions for the bag, it is available on the website.

Rating: 3/5 or a 5/5 depending on your needs.

I chose white tarpaulin for the front and pebbled faux leather for the covers. For the side, I chose a weaved pattern faux leather. FYI, expect the faux leather to be shiny/glossy. Other than that, there were endless choices and probably a couple million combinations and permutations. So far, nothing has ripped and the quality seems to be better than normal. Not to mention, the logo colour is also customizable(Yellow for mine).

Depending on the materials chosen, the weight of your bag might differ by a few grams.

Rating: 4.5/5


Final Thought and Rating:
For those who carry very few items, this backpack might be the best for you and it will be very unique compared to all the other bags out there in the market. If you’re looking to carry a bit more than what I’ve mentioned in my review, make sure to opt for the normal Prospect Backpack.

Final Rating: 8/10

UPDATED Oct 18, 2017




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