A Senior Prank Worse Than a Trump Rally

Stolen canoe on the roof of the school, broken trees, vandalized windows, and graffiti. I don’t know which is worse, fighting at a Trump rally or the incident at my high school.

Apparently, all of this happened before school so no one was injured. Tickets have been handed out due to the thousands of dollar of property damage and there have been no reports of any criminal charges or punishment.

I do not condone any type of damage but I am glad that nobody was injured. I found an article about a high school in Birmingham that had a prank that went too “far”.

A quote from the article on Fox2, “Shaving cream, silly string, water balloons, stink bombs and soap created what school officials called a safety hazard. A few students received minor injuries from slipping.” Also, they left baby oil, glitter, and shaving cream in the hallways and on the lockers. Due to this “mess”, the school cancelled the senior dinner.

What a contrast.

Do you have any stories you want to share. Feel free to comment and leave any thoughts.

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