Political Statement – Pastel Portraits

Triptych art piece. By Shane Yu

Americans work hard for their money only to be given away to the government because of regressive taxation. It is clear that wealth/income inequality is an issue in the world when the top 1% of the 1% control more than 98% of the world’s wealth.

So while my peers decided to construct portraits of themselves, I decided to add an extra layer of depth to my art piece.

A couple of months ago, Hillary was in an interview and was asked a question about what she would do to earn Sander’s supporters. To summarize her point, she said that she has the majority and she won’t really do anything to win them over. That’s the scary truth because she will do nothing due to her donors having different views. It’s not like she has 70-80% of the democratic party’s votes so it’s pretty dismissive when you reject almost half of your party’s ideas.

If you are deciding to vote for Hillary, know that you’re voting for a corrupt politician who will screw you over at the end. Americans need a candidate that is free from corporate influence and there is a candidate available that meets the criteria. There’s only three candidates to choose from so it’s an easy choice.

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