Her Fendi Bag

Crafted and exported from Italy; Contrived by laborers with their pure hands. The bag wasn’t just a plain old Fendi, As there are plenty of fakes from Thailand. One day she had a little too many After speeches where payment was ten bands. That made the rich a little too happy Until the files leaked… Read More Her Fendi Bag

Giro d’Italia – Charcoal Drawing

It sounds like the Giro d’Italia is happening right now. Even though I cycle, I don’t watch it so I have no clue on what’s going on. I just know that they’re going really fast on the streets of Italy. So here’s a charcoal drawing of a cycling shoes. Giro d’Italia means tour of Italy.

Lesser of Two Evils

It sometimes takes two different perspectives to understand the whole story. Maybe in another lifetime, we can live as a migrant and experience the stigma and discrimination. As some of you might know, Ted Cruz dropped out and by the looks of it, Trump is the Republican nominee. It’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to win… Read More Lesser of Two Evils