Thoughts On Indigo by Nest Fragrances


Indigo is by far the best scent from the Nest Fragrance line. In essence, it’s a sweet and fruity blast of fig that is leaning more towards the feminine side. However, men can pull it off since it is a unisex fragrance. Despite the sweetness, it doesn’t come off as childish or immature.

Some people seem to be confused with the notes of tea and fig. They’re both dominant in this fragrance however, I only got the aromatic sweetness of the fig note. However, others around you will probably get a stronger scent of the tea note. The other note in this scent is cashmere wood but it was very faint and almost non existent.

Being an EDP concentration, the scent should be stronger but it has the projection of an EDT concentration. On the flipside,the sillage was moderate and it left a nice scent trail.

Just to be cautious, do not over apply during the warmer seasons since the sweetness can get cloying to some people.

First Verdict:
I wouldn’t purchase this again.

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