Lesser of Two Evils

A political cartoon of the border fence and a ballot box.

It sometimes takes two different perspectives to understand the whole story. Maybe in another lifetime, we can live as a migrant and experience the stigma and discrimination.

As some of you might know, Ted Cruz dropped out and by the looks of it, Trump is the Republican nominee. It’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to win now but it’s not impossible for Bernie Sanders to win back delegates. It’s terribly hard but not impossible.

As Canadians, it’s pretty funny that the frontrunner for the Democratic party is under investigation by the FBI. Imagine Trudeau if he was under investigation during the Canadian elections. One things for sure, Canadians would be outraged at Liberals and would denounce him. On the other hand, we have Hillary supporters and the Democratic party happily minding their own business.

All I have to say is that if you’re a Republican and you don’t want Trump to become president, then vote for Sanders because he has a better chance of defeating Trump than Hillary defeating Trump.

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