Unfortunate Apple Pen Experience

I decided to test out the Apple Pen at the Apple Store to see how well it performed. I was impressed by the software of the Adobe Photoshop Sketch and the simplicity of switching mediums. So I went back and forth using the watercolour, mechanical pencil, and normal pencil.

So I ended up spending around 20 minutes to sketch something nice. It was nice enough to get 4 Apple Store employees huddled around me. They were impressed at my digital sketch and they thought it was really interesting that an Apple Device could help draw something like that.

Then this happened… 

I decided to open up another tab to open up the dictionary and then when I switched back to the Adobe App, my drawing was gone. I was going to take a picture of it after I was done but it was too late. It was because of the  auto refresh setting they had set up in the store.

So what’s my final message?  

Apple’s pencil is decent and new but it’s never better than the original pencil and paintbrush. C’mon, who’s going to spend $149 on a electronic pencil? Definitely not me after what happened at the Apple Store.

What are your opinions on the Apple Pencil and is it worth it? Let me know in the comments. 

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