Lazy Christians Support Bernie Sanders? Chelsen Vicari’s Flawed Logic

“It’s being a lazy Christian if you think socialism is going to take care of the problems that we have in society.” said Vicari who is an evangelical author and former feminist.

First and foremost, I do NOT believe that Christians who support Bernie Sanders are lazy. Instead, I believe that the “lazy” Christians are the ones who are ignorant on the issues surrounding corruption that is flooding politics. One cannot be a Christian and believe that Jesus’s actions were contradictory to the values of socialism.

Here is another quote from Vicari, 

“Young Christians are confusing individual Christian compassion and the Church’s role and responsibility in public life with the government providing entitlements and expanding welfare programs.”
One of the reasons that there is a wealth gap in America is not because millennials are becoming lazy to get a job or becoming dependent on welfare but it’s because of the corporate decisions made by the wealthy 1%. Do you suggest that the church turn a blind eye to inequality? If you grew up with the idea that welfare is only for lazy people, then you might believe this rhetoric but if you actually go outside and take a look at families with parents earning a minimum wage, you would think differently.
Vicari continues,
“That’s not the answer and again, I think it’s just being a lazy Christian. We should be doing and acting instead of having the government … take care of all the problems we see.”
Let me tell you that public opinion has nearly no impact on policy and US law. Vicari is right about action but what is action supposed to mean when your effort doesn’t impact anyone? Again, Vicari is oblivious to big money in politics and what a disservice it does to American people (Vicari has mentioned money in politics before in a tweet). Therefore, if you want to be a proactive Christian, you should be fighting for campaign finance reform and to get money out of politics however, there is only ONE candidate who is willing to do that. That candidate is not Ted Cruz, it’s Bernie Sanders.

Once change is established, then maybe the government can actually start making a difference in the lives of poor and middle income families. That’s the change Vicari deserves to see right now. Unfortunately, Vicari most likely believes in the notion that “big” government is detrimental to society.

If you believe that it’s not the role of the government to help the needy then let’s take a look at what compelled Jesus. The inactions of the Roman empire and local governments compelled Jesus to a certain degree to help the marginalized. In fact, the Roman Empire benefitted from the high taxes that were implemented. From this, one may argue that socialism increases taxes but they’re ignoring the social benefits of it.

So let’s not lose hope of the government and the change that they can implement along with its citizens to help the needy and the poor. Also, I might be wrong but I don’t think Vicari is willing to give any credit to the government if they accomplish something good.

Vicari ends by saying,
“But we don’t want to do that. We’d prefer to get on our laptops and complain and then vote for someone who says they will take care of everything.” 
I’ll have to apologize to Vicari because I’m complaining about legitimate issues. Maybe I should ignore these issues and go out to vote for a candidate who I have no idea on. Even if you’re not a believer of Christianity, what would Jesus do if he came to America? He certainly wouldn’t look at the poor and call them lazy.

5 thoughts on “Lazy Christians Support Bernie Sanders? Chelsen Vicari’s Flawed Logic

  1. Hey Shane, did you hear the interview on the CBC radio 1 on Sunday Morning. Michael Enright interviewed the leader of the Green Party of the USA, Dr. Jill Stein and she was truly amazing. She doesn’t have the financial backing of the main parties but Abe Lincoln was from a third party and look how good he was! She just needs more coverage.

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