Ted Cruz’s Obnoxious Campaign Emails

Kudos to Cruz’s campaign coordinators and staff because they send an awful amount of emails. C’mon Ted, I only signed up to be part of your “Prayer Team” and now you send me an average of 3 emails per day asking for donations?

My curiosity of signing up for Ted’s prayer team ultimately led me to my spam box where I spend my precious time deleting these emails. This is a bit of a joke but I want to talk about two things that “annoyed” me the most

1. These emails try so hard to pressure you.

I understand that campaigns have to use pressure to their advantage but I think it’s a little different when they set up “24” hour deadlines every single day. What is the point of a timed fundraiser when you’re doing it every single day? At the end of the day, it just feels like a fraudster is trying to get into my bank account.

2.  The lack of professionalism in their emails.

What annoys me the most is the automated phrase, “I emailed you yesterday.” It’s an obnoxious jab that questions my consciousness. These emails are written in such an awkward manner that it feels repetitive. Maybe repetitiveness appeals to the Republican base but it definitely turns me off. It’s just the casual tone that is hindering my perception of Cruz’s campaign but I also think that the casual tone helps garner some support because you start to view Ted Cruz as a genuine friend.

Throughout these emails, the term “friend” is said multiple times. This is a common marketing tactic and it is used quite commonly.

2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s Obnoxious Campaign Emails

  1. They’re obviously playing to a cultural bias. I noticed whole marketing campaigns for Americans rely on people talking to grown-ups as if they are babies. Even in Asia I notice it. Automated voices talk in a high-pitched nasal tone; there are lots of dancing babies on ATM machines. I don’t watch television or listen to the radio because of that. It’s extremely annoying. (I’m also severely allergic to commercials.) I don’t get Cruz stuff but I guess they’re trying to hit the lowest common denominator? I apologise if that sounds stuck up. On the other hand, and do not get upset random reader out there because this is not an endorsement. But the other guy, with the combover, with the reality show, is very approachable.

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    1. I never knew about that happening in other parts of the world so thanks for bringing it up. I agree with your point. At the end of the day, I think this says a lot about Cruz’s base and politics.

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