Donation Pages of the Presidential Candidates


Each candidate has a page asking for donations and that’s typical for every presidential candidate but it’s interesting to compare and contrast the differences between them.

1. Trump’s donation page


What I found funny about Trump’s donation page was the disclaimer about the maximum contribution. No other candidate had a disclaimer as obvious as this one. I feel like Trump doesn’t want any backlash from the media on secret donors giving donations exceeding $2,700 but I don’t think he really cares.

2. Kasich’s donation page.


Kasich’s donation page is very similar to Trump’s page but it doesn’t have a bold disclaimer stating the law. However, it does have a lengthy written portion underneath the donation buttons stating the restrictions and law. This portion is almost three times longer than the one on Trump’s page.

3. Ted Cruz’s donation page


Ted Cruz’s donation page is the only one that has an extra button for donors willing to donate $5,400. Maybe Cruz is trying to appeal to couples and families. Also, you’ll notice that there are at least 10 different options for donations compared to the 7 offered by the other candidates. I’m excited because Ted Cruz at least gives me a choice on how much I should contribute. This just shows how considerate he is.

4. Hillary Clinton’s donation page


Don’t worry if you don’t have $20 or $50 to donate because if you only have $3, you can support Hillary. How exciting, trying to appeal to the poor and the middle class. This just shows how considerate and thoughtful she is while taking upwards of $200,000 by speaking to Goldman Sachs. After all, maybe it’s a tactic to garner low information voters.

5. Bernie Sander’s donation page


This page is not as overwhelming as the other donation pages. It’s a simple step by step process where you fill out your personal details. Compared to the other pages, it’s very detailed and it boldly states that it will not accept your donation if you aren’t a US citizen. Other donation pages still have the necessary details but are harder to find.

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