Washington Post’s Love/Hate Relationship with Bernie Sanders

What kind of news media tries to justify their bias by saying that they’ve posted 16 “different” articles?

After Sander’s win in three out of the four states, the Washington Post publishes 16 articles in around 16 hours stating how Bernie is such a loser and that he should drop out.

The Washington Post is either sleeping with Hillary or their afraid of the democratic socialist candidate.

Yesterday, the Washington Post came out with another article saying that they’ve now posted 16 pro Bernie articles. Is this damage control or are they still extremely biased towards Hillary Clinton??

What are you going to do next? Post 16 pro Hillary articles in 16 hours? Then post 16 pro Trump articles in 16 hours? What about Ted Cruz? You can’t leave him out. Also, don’t forget Kasich because you have to be fair Washington Post.

Don’t forget to post 16 articles about my blog as well.

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