Ben Carson’s ‘Awesome’ Book Tour

Ben Carson’s book tour in the middle of his presidential campaign has earned him some extra cash. If you think he cares about you and your family’s future, think again. Here are a couple of things that he could have bought over the holidays. Enjoy!

  1. Burberry London Millbank Tuxedo. $1,463 – For those times when Carson decides to go on another book tour.

Burberry London 'Millbank' Trim Fit Wool Tuxedo
Image by Burberry

2. Rolex Milgauss Watch. $8,200 – Carson is never late to a book conference.

Image by Rolex

3. Parker Duofold International Fountain Pen. $356 – An essential writing tool for Ben Carson’s upcoming book.

Parker Duofold International Fountain Pen Lapis Lazuli Blue GT;
Image by Parkerpen

4. Porsche Design Mikado Mechanical Pencil. $544 – For the times when Carson needs to erase his mistakes. He’s a smart guy but that doesn’t mean he knows everything about politics.


Image by Porsche Design









5. Fendi College Belt. $968 – Do you remember Carson talking about how a belt stopped a bullet from hitting a person? I bet this belt will block any incoming jokes and offenses.

'College' belt
Image by Fendi

That is it for the list of purchases that Carson would have made over the holidays. I have more politicians coming up for this series. If you have any suggestions or ideas of people that I could incorporate into this series, please let me know.  In the meanwhile, let me know in the comments on how Carson is doing in the GOP field and if he is doing any good. The last thing I heard from him were threats about quitting the presidential race. How silly is Carson thinking that he can quit. I’m not saying it’s entirely impossible but he’s such a joke by saying these types of things.

I guess Carson needs a little bit of press attention before he goes on another book tour.

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