Things That Hillary Could Have Bought

Hillary Clinton earns quite a bit from the speeches that she makes. She claims that she represents the middle class but is also going to have a tough time deciding who to listen to. That is because corporations are giving her money and they want something in return. Hillary isn’t as bad as our spoiled little boy Rubio but she still has some explaining to do. On the other hand, her wallet isn’t having a tough time at all.

With that being said,  let’s take a look at the things that she could have bought over the holidays and especially for Christmas.

  1. Rudsak Winter Coat. $1,195 – For those campaign trips to the cold Northern states.
Image by Rudsak

2. Pop Crystal Medusa Shades by Versace. $230 – For the times when the glare from the snow is too strong.

Versace Women Pop Crystal Medusa Shades
Image by Versace

3. Crown Prince Baby Crib. $3,549 – Let me be clear, #notmyabuela


Image by Petit Tresor








4. Horseferry Check and Leather Ziparound Wallet. $650 – A cute Burberry wallet to stash corporate donations in.

Parade red Horseferry Check and Leather Ziparound Wallet - Image 1
Image by Burberry

…and many more products but I’ll have to end the list here because it’s getting a little overwhelming with those price tags. Maybe I’m antagonizing Hillary a little too much but this is all in the name of satire.

I’ll continue this series with other presidential candidates.


4 thoughts on “Things That Hillary Could Have Bought

    1. For sure, he will be included in the series. He’d be a little jealous if he were to be left out. 😉 He’s part of the establishment and that deserves our attention. Thank you for your insight!

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