Luxuries of Legal Bribery – What Does Money Buy?

We’ve heard that money influences politics. On the other hand, we’ve heard politicians saying that they want to help the middle class. That’s contradictory because the terms ‘large corporations’ and ‘social security’ don’t go well together. Those two terms are basically insoluble.

So what two things are soluble? You guessed it. It’s corporate and private money in the hands of leaders. However, I don’t want to focus on any of that because I think we’ve had enough of Bernie Sander’s speeches.

What we need is an illustration/explanation of all the luxurious items that follow legal bribery. In other words, what entices these politicians and presidential candidates?

So I’ll be starting a series of blog posts focusing on what the presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican party do with their money. I’m trying to take a satirical approach to money in politics and I want to make some sort of political statement.

For each candidate, I will be choosing a couple of items that are pricey and luxurious. These items will range from luxurious candles to high end baby products. Importantly, I think this is an interesting way of contrasting middle class families to politicians.

Let me know about your opinions.

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