How To Use a Hoverboard – Political Cartoon

A political cartoon on hoverboards and corporate donors

I bet a lot of kids and adults received hoverboards this Xmas. If you received one and are trying to learn how to use it, please don’t come to me for advice. So I’m sorry if you came here for a lesson. However, my one and only advice is to buy a pair of good running shoes. It’ll prep you for 2016 and for the primaries and general election. You’ll also need one since the GOP candidates received hoverboards from their corporate donors and they will fly past you if you don’t catch up.

I hope to see more people understand how corporations are able to buy off politicians in the new year. Maybe it could be one of your new years resolution; to understand political campaigns and donations.

In the meanwhile, Bernie Sanders wants a full investigation of the DNC however, the other parties involved don’t want to investigate for some “odd” reason. I wonder what might be going on behind closed doors.

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