Teens for Ted? Why Not Teens for Trudeau?

C.J. Pearson seems to be an avid fan of politics and Ted Cruz but he has recently renounced Conservatism. First of all, it feels a little weird criticizing a kid’s opinion. After all, he’s just a 13 year old viral Youtube star but I guess he’s technically a teen.

So what? I’m a teen as well. Does that give me the freedom to criticise his past beliefs and viewpoints? Sure, but does it make me any better to judge someone I don’t know very well? Probably not but I know that getting students interested in politics is a good thing. Besides, everyone’s political affiliation changes as they mature and grow. I may be a liberal at the moment but I might grow up to become a hardcore conservative.

I think more teens should be like CJ. They should learn more about politics and how different parties tackle different topics. If that’s happening in the states, why not start a thing called “Teens for Trudeau” in Canada? I’m kind of making fun of ‘Teens for Ted’ but if it gets some students interested in politics, why not?

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