Dr Carson Reaches Gallifrey

A satirical drawing of Dr who

Can Dr. Carson uncover the truth? Or does he have to destroy a billion hearts to heal his own?

Unfortunately, Carly Fiorina is no longer able to stand beside Dr. Carson as he wins the hearts of Americans.* However, will he destroy the hearts of Americans just to heal his own? Only if he is greedy enough.

But it all depends on various factors. Carson might be invincible if he proves that he is half neurosurgeon and half president of the United states. That will only happen if he survives his own confession dial and I’m sure he’ll come out alive because he has a million confessions to make.

Here are a couple,
“I don’t want to be a president.”
“I’m a publicity stunt.”
“I don’t know politics.”
“I’m afraid to win.”

Let’s just hope Carson doesn’t build his own Tardis so that he can travel through time.

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