“Loose” vs “Lose”

Something I came across.

I expected an informational site to have proper spelling but I was met with confusion.

So do you “lose” your tolerance or “loosen” your tolerance? I’m pretty sure that “lose” was the correct term to use in this case since it didn’t make much sense to “loosen” your tolerance.

This site is from the state of North Carolina and I’m sure that has something to do with it. There has been a rapid rise of prescription drug abuse in the state and I think that they are having a hard time combating this rising problem.

This was just something I came across while I was researching for a project. You can make an interesting point when researching about a state’s stance on drugs and linking it to resources. In some cases, you can see a correlation between those two. For example, the legalization of certain drugs might lead to an increase and availability of resources. While criminalization might lead to less resources. However, in this case, it seemed to be an editing mistake.

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