The Appeal Of Politics

Bernie Sanders, liberal, and the NDP

I’m a little worried about the Canadian Federal election coming up. I haven’t heard people talking about policy and platforms. To be fair, I’m in school studying so unless I hear students talk about politics, I’m not going to hear anything about politics.

My parents are having a hard time choosing a viable party. That’s when I have to step in but it’s hard for me to help when there’s not really a clear answer. The platforms between the NDP and Liberals are very similar. I also don’t know much about Canadian politics so that’s another issue. In order for me to choose, I’ll have to research each of the party’s history and contributions.

On the other side, I started watching the Democratic debate after I finished my homework. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as funny as the Republican debate but it was more enjoyable to watch than the first Canadian Federal debate.

I just want more people to get involved in the democratic process. If they find it enjoyable, it would be even better. That’s it for today. Thanks for reading as always.

3 thoughts on “The Appeal Of Politics

  1. I think you may be surprised at the grassroots anger and involvement in Canadian politics today. No one party is ever going have it completely right, in regards to platforms. As a Canadian, I will tell you what is important to me.
    1. I am distressed at the erosion of our democratic rights with Bill C-51. The Liberal party agreed with that bill.
    2. The Conservatives will have us bombing, and knee deep in a war with the Middle East (as well with Russia if he had his way). We have been a nation of peace keepers – we are peace keepers no more.
    3. The Conservatives have just signed a trade deal – TTP which was negotiated in secret but will have enormous consequences on our farming industry (which has been bribed to keep on side with the deal) . Front page of Globe and Mail today – this trade deal opens up to more TFW’s (temporary foreign works). These people will, in all probablity, not be bound by our labour laws and paid less than what we regard as minimum wage. So you can forget the prospect of new jobs resulting from this deal.
    4. just a secondary thought is the muzzling of the CBC. This is our national broadcasting corporation and the only media that tends to expose the outrageous stuff that goes on in our government. Silence the CBC and you can write Canada off as a demorcracy.
    So please get out and vote and get your parents to vote.

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      1. Shane I think most of us are going around in a haze. However, what Harper has done to Canada is nothing short of criminal. He can’t be aloud to get away with it.

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