Graphing Calculators

A cartoon of a graphing calculator.

Graphing calculators are becoming institutionalized.

It might not make sense at first because it’s just a calculator but it has become more a tradition in schools across America. I’m not talking about all graphing calculators but some calculator models have been implemented in school systems so deeply that a mindset has been engraved in administrators that each student needs a certain calculator.

I also believe that allowing students to use graphing calculators at an early age in their academic career is damaging. It’s more of a hindrance because students aren’t able to fully understand a concept. It all depends on the level of math you’re doing. At home, do whatever you want because using a graphing calculator can help improve efficiency and help you understand different equations.

It’s just because I see so many kids struggling in math and then they have to navigate their calculators and it’s just a waste of time(at school).

This is just my opinion. There has also been an article talking about how Texas Instruments had a marketing tactic to get people to use their calculators. Maybe that is something that you can research as I’m not going to venture into that topic. There are already so many arguments revolving around graphing calculators and it being  too expensive so I don’t want to get into that ugly mess.

What’s your opinion on graphing calculators? Maybe you don’t mind this issue at all.

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