2 thoughts on “Hard Decisions – Canadian Voting

  1. Glad to hear you are planning to vote. It isn’t that hard a decision for me.
    I want Canada to withdraw our troups from foreign wars and reture to peace keeping.
    I want to nullify all trade agreements that are discussed in secret and sacrifice the local industries and our farming culture so that other countries have the unfair advantage of dumping their excess capacity without penalty. That is a systemic method of destroying all Canadian agriculture and industries.
    A government that would allow any Multinational Business to challenge and undemine local democracies is not looking out for us. These challenges don’t go before a Canadian court for resolution but goes before a tribunal and has the capability of suing our government for opposition to their doing business as they see fit.
    I want our scientist to do honest research and not be muzzled by government because of Big Business interests.
    I want a Prime Minister that doesn’t spend more time abroad, living the high life, hobbnobbing with the fat cats, than at home. He has no idea what’s going on in our country.
    I want to abolish the GDP as a measure of our economy and be replaced with the numbers of unemployed/underemployed, the homeless and the number of people who are dependant upon food banks to feed their families.
    I want to remove the title “Honourable” from any living politician or government appointee. They tend to sully the title.
    I want to change the system of taxation from a consumtion tax to income tax. That way our governments would be more motivated to be sure we have employment. With a consuption tax even a 5 year buying a chocolate bar is a tax payer, as are the poor and unemployed.
    I want the removal of political contributions from the tax system. With this set up our politicians are bought and sold and indebted to the contributors – namely Big Business.
    I don’t want much just a society that is a little more fair and equitable. I can’t wait to VOTE!

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