Drop Off


This is old news but some police departments are wanting to test out gun drop off deposit/centers. It’ll also be made secure and private so it can encourage people to drop off their illegal firearms without any repercussion.

There have been a couple of locations that have tested out this deposit center. Also note that it’s not really a center, it’s more of a drop off container beside/inside a police station. I’m unsure about the results and effectiveness but I’m hoping that more places will test it out.

There is opposition to this idea and it’s Fox news. They’re saying that it won’t work because criminals won’t put guns down their pants and walk across the street, etc. All they’re bringing up are stereotypes of criminals. I’m wondering if Fox News has an agenda to support NRA or something along those line. Some police officers are also against this idea. Let’s just test it out and see what happens.

What’s your opinion on this issue? Should there be gun drop off locations?

2 thoughts on “Drop Off

  1. The citizen seems not the least but perturbed by the masked menace. Love the sketch. I don’t have a problem with guns in a fictional setting. We seem to not understand that people get shot accidentally in their homes while handling theirs. It’s just a bad idea to have them. The gun dropoffs may be a good idea. It needs time. If it prevents the shooting of innocent children on Halloween I’m all for it.

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