Hillary is Afraid to Debate

Edited and made by Shane

I didn’t intend on making Hillary clothless in this political cartoon but I think it complements the current situation with DNC.

Being clothless symbolizes weakness and vulnerability. These are the qualities of Hillary Clinton because she is afraid of making a fool out of herself.

She also has lots of donations so she has a good chance of winning. Only if she’s doesn’t mess up her role in debates.

What’s your opinion on the “rigged” DNC schedules and plans?

2 thoughts on “Hillary is Afraid to Debate

  1. I have to say, I actually like that the DNC is holding off, and is letting the Republicans take center stage as they beat each other up. Good cartoon! Hillary is very good at keeping up a front of being tough and invulnerable…but on the inside, she’s just as vulnerable as anyone else.

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