Is Spending $22K on Technology Justifiable?


My school wants to embrace technology. Every year, they fill their soulless hearts with new technology.

Before school started, I volunteered to help set up the school. There were posters that needed to be hung up in the teachers lounge. I felt bad for the teachers because there were around 16 posters of the same mundane message about competencies and critical thinking.

That was just part one out of the many weird things that happens at school. Maybe I just dislike my school but others love it for various reasons.

Another point I wanted to make is on how much the school spent on technology. I understand that some kids prefer Mac over Microsoft and I don’t belittle them for having that opinion. My main issue is when the school spends so much money on computers and ipads. Unfortunately, Apple products cost too much. A stock Microsoft desktop will cost around $500-$600 while one of those fancy Mac desktop with the flashy looking screen costs more than $1,300. At the end of the day, I’d rather have three low quality desktop computers that can process word than have four students fight over an Apple product.

Recently, the Premier of our province has taken some steps to relieve education budget problems. Unfortunately, it’ll take action in November so we still have a few months left. Even after that date is reached, I doubt it’ll have any impact.

I just think that there needs to be better management. Basically, are we going to waste our money on technology or hire new teachers?

4 thoughts on “Is Spending $22K on Technology Justifiable?

      1. Laughing my head off. It’s amazing how little is gained from training. From experience as a student who hated classrooms, the best way to teach is to shut up and let the students get on with learning. They’re supposed to be learning how to do that at uni.

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