Will There Be Snow In The Upcoming 2022 Olympics?


Nowadays it feels like there’s no country suitable to host the Olympics. They’re either corrupt, poverty-stricken, or have depleted resources.

This might be the case with the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing. There will be infrastructure set up already so it will cost less to build. It might also help stabilize the economy. The mountain that will be used for skiing will have no snow so artificial snow will have to be made. Already, the nearby lands are dry and have very little water to spare so basically the winter games are going to deplete drinking water resources. In the worst case scenario where there isn’t enough snow made, events might have to be delayed and it might cost more for travelers.

Kazakhstan almost made the bid but Bejing won with a couple of more votes. Kazakhstan would’ve been an interesting place to host the winter Olympics but I’m not sure it would be able to successfully fund one.

7 years until the 2022 winter Olympics takes place. Let’s hope the administrators make the right decisions.

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