Your Responsibility Can Help Prevent a Forest Fire


Hectares of forests are currently burning across Western Canada and through the South Western States. There are dozens more popping up in states such as Montana and Idaho.

Some places are on the verge of calling international help because they’re currently in a stage 5 of a wildfire. That’s the first time I’ve heard something that catastrophic because I thought that America had more than enough firefighters to take care of their forestry. Due to the scorching hot weather and lack of water, things like this will occur in the future. There are things such as lightning that we cannot control but we can help prevent future accidents by being responsible.

There are responsible smokers and those who are careless. It doesn’t matter how little of a mistake you’ve made because a tiny spark can burn down a bridge. Not only are they burning down their own bridges, they’re burning down families, houses, and (sometimes literally) lives. So I beg everyone to be very careful when they are dealing with something that can create a spark or flame. It doesn’t matter if the environment is cold because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

After this post, I hope people can recognize the impact that a small flame can have. Otherwise, I hope this is a reminder to stay responsible and become a proactive citizen.

Stay safe.

One thought on “Your Responsibility Can Help Prevent a Forest Fire

  1. They teach us to conserve resources in school but as soon as teachers leave the class they themselves forget to do so…. I have seen teachers not switching off the fans when they leave their rooms or turn the tap on and forget about it…

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