USA vs Canada Debate


Both the Canadian and American debates were very fun, educational, and interesting in many different ways. Here’s a little cartoon to illustrate the difference.

I know that the style of these two debates were a little different so comparing the two might be a little unfair. However, the candidates of the debate are all politicians except for Donald Trump. Therefore it’s still a political debate so I wanted to compare and contrast.

Firstly, the Canadians jumped right into the actual debate by skipping all the hassle and introduction. While the American audience were introduced to the 10 mostly greedy and corrupt politicians, Justin Trudeau jumped right into the issue of economics.

Secondly, the American debate needed three hosts to control the debate. The Canadian debate had the political editor of Maclean’s Magazine.

Thirdly, candidates from the American debate spent some time arguing with Megyn Kelly. It’s alright because she asked some questions but some parts of it were childish. While the Canadian candidates attacked Mr. Harper.

I think I heard the audience more than the politicians during the American debate and I tried not to fall asleep while watching the Canadian debate.

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